Aquinas the Biblical Theologian

February 7-9, 2019

Co-sponsored by the Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal and the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Meet Our Keynote speakers

1. Scott Hahn.png

Scott Hahn

-St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

-“Aquinas and Biblical Theology”

2. Matthew Levering.png

Matthew Levering

-Mundelein Seminary

-“Israel’s Sins and Aquinas on Sin”  

Invited Plenary Speakers*

Michael Barber,

-The Augustine Institute,

-“Exegesis as Theology: Towards a Ratzingerian Thomism”


Gerald Boersma

-Ave Maria University

-“The Use of Scripture in Aquinas’s Theology of Resurrected Bodies and the Separated Soul”


John Boyle

-University of St. Thomas

-“Carnal and Spiritual Readings of Scripture: Considerations for the Relationship of Thomas’s Systematic Theology and Scriptural Commentary”


Michael Dauphinais

-Ave Maria University

-“The Role of Christ and the Oikonomia in Aquinas’s Theology of Prophecy, Faith, and Revelation”


Fr. William Goldin

-St. Irenaeus Catholic Church

-“The Relation of the Old and New Covenants in Aquinas’s Theological Reading of the Sacred Scriptures”


Michael Hahn

-Christendom College

-“The Augustinian Foundations of Aquinas’s Account of Christ’s Fulfillment of the Old Law”


John Kincaid and James Prothro

-St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and Ave Maria University

-“Aquinas and Pauline Pistis: Forming an Account of Justifying Faith”


Steven Long

-Ave Maria University

-“Aquinas’s Understanding of Divine Transcendence and Sacred Scripture”


Roger Nutt

-Ave Maria University,

-“‘Obedient unto Death’:  St. Thomas on Christ, Salvation, and the Philippians Hymn”


Brant Pitre

-The Augustine Institute



Matthew Ramage

-Benedictine College

-“Through a Glass, Darkly: Biblical Faith according to Benedict XVI and Thomas Aquinas”


Michael Sirilla

-Franciscan University of Steubenville

-“Lectio Scripturae at the Heart of Aquinas’s Theology and Preaching”


Randall Smith

-University of St. Thomas

-“How Thomas’s Biblical Commentaries Prepared Students for Preaching”


Michael Waldstein

-St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

-“The Literary and Theological Structure of Scripture according to St. Thomas”


*Some of these speakers may be assigned to concurrent sessions

Call for Papers:  Brief proposals should be submitted to graduatetheology@avemaria.edu before September 15.