The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and the Aquinas Center of Ave Maria University are co-sponsoring a conference on “Aquinas the Biblical Theologian” to be held on Friday, February 8 - Saturday, February 9, 2019 at Ave Maria University. 


Call for Papers:  Brief proposals should be submitted to before September 15.


The conference seeks to bring together both biblical and Thomistic scholars for the sake of genuine speculative engagement with theological realities.  The focus on Aquinas the Biblical Theologian for the conference papers is understood quite broadly, but seeks to address how Aquinas practiced theology within a biblical mode both materially and formally.  Topics might include Aquinas’ treatment of the following themes: the relation of the Old and New Covenants, his treatment of Scripture as a whole and of particular books, the historical character of revelation, the relation of the oikonomia and the theologia, patristic exegesis, the nouvelle theologie’s biblical theology, contemporary questions of theology and exegesis, as well as specific exegetical questions or themes.  We hope that the conference—and perhaps a subsequent publication of selected papers—will be of real service.