Aquinas the Biblical Theologian

February 7-9, 2019

Co-sponsored by the Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal and the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

Meet Our Keynote speakers

1. Scott Hahn.png

Scott Hahn

-St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

-“Aquinas and Biblical Theology”

In the past 800 years, it's possible that no other theologian has shaped the Church's understanding of God, man, and herself more than St. Thomas Aquinas. While many people are familiar with his most famous work, the Summa Theologiae, fewer know of his important role as a biblical theologian. In fact, Aquinas' primary work was biblical theology. His biblical commentaries are invaluable in the ongoing work of Scripture study, which is why the Aquinas Center for Theological Renewal and the St. Paul Center are co-sponsoring a three-day conference to explore some of Aquinas' most important contributions to the field.

2. Matthew Levering.png

Matthew Levering

-Mundelein Seminary

-“Israel’s Sins and Aquinas on Sin”  

Invited Plenary Speakers*

Michael Barber,

-The Augustine Institute,

-“Exegesis as Theology: Towards a Ratzingerian Thomism”


Gerald Boersma

-Ave Maria University

-“The Use of Scripture in Aquinas’s Theology of Resurrected Bodies and the Separated Soul”


John Boyle

-University of St. Thomas

-“Carnal and Spiritual Readings of Scripture: Considerations for the Relationship of Thomas’s Systematic Theology and Scriptural Commentary”


Michael Dauphinais

-Ave Maria University

-“The Role of Christ and the Oikonomia in Aquinas’s Theology of Prophecy, Faith, and Revelation”


Fr. William Goldin

-St. Irenaeus Catholic Church

-“The Relation of the Old and New Covenants in Aquinas’s Theological Reading of the Sacred Scriptures”


Michael Hahn

-Christendom College

-“The Augustinian Foundations of Aquinas’s Account of Christ’s Fulfillment of the Old Law”


John Kincaid and James Prothro

-St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology and Ave Maria University

-“Aquinas and Pauline Pistis: Forming an Account of Justifying Faith”


Steven Long

-Ave Maria University

-“Aquinas’s Understanding of Divine Transcendence and Sacred Scripture”


Roger Nutt

-Ave Maria University,

-“‘Obedient unto Death’:  St. Thomas on Christ, Salvation, and the Philippians Hymn”


Brant Pitre

-The Augustine Institute



Matthew Ramage

-Benedictine College

-“Through a Glass, Darkly: Biblical Faith according to Benedict XVI and Thomas Aquinas”


Michael Sirilla

-Franciscan University of Steubenville

-“Lectio Scripturae at the Heart of Aquinas’s Theology and Preaching”


Randall Smith

-University of St. Thomas

-“How Thomas’s Biblical Commentaries Prepared Students for Preaching”


Michael Waldstein

-St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology

-“The Literary and Theological Structure of Scripture according to St. Thomas”


*Some of these speakers may be assigned to concurrent sessions

Call for Papers:  Brief proposals should be submitted to graduatetheology@avemaria.edu before September 15.